Being Disciples

An invitation to journey together and grow in Grace

In an ever-changing world, the enduring practices of our faith – prayer, study, contemplation – stand against the tide. To be disciples, students who strive to faithfully follow Jesus Christ, calls us into these practices that have shaped Christians for centuries, while strengthening us to be more resilient, loving, compassionate, and courageous in today’s culture.

And we do not travel this road alone. The summons to discipleship is an invitation to join a community of practice, a Community of Grace, and to grow together through God’s abundant grace and love.

Each week, it is recommended that you read the portion of Being Disciples as noted, along with the gospel text, prior to worship on Sunday. Companion programs and additional spiritual resources will be offered in the weeks ahead, including online connections for those unable to be physically present. Let us prepare to receive the gifts & growth God offers!   T+

[ PDF reading guide ]

October 30
Invitation: Jesus Is Coming to Dinner
Being Disciples – Intro & chapter 1, p. 1-19
Scripture – Luke 19:1-10

November 6 – All Saints Day
All Saints: Holy and Blessed
Being Disciples – ch. 4, “Holiness,” p. 47-57
Scripture – Luke 6:20-31
Today – Feast of Friends, Holy Eucharist at tables; invite your friends to join the feast (potluck brunch)
This Week – “Courageous Conversations: Talking About Dying and Death”– 10-1 Saturday, November 12

November 13 
Endurance: Faith, Hope & Love
Being Disciples – ch. 2, “Faith, Hope & Love,” p. 20-36
Scripture – Luke 21:5-19
Today – Small group conversations on Being Disciples
This Week – “Courageous Conversations: Talking About Dying and Death” – 12:30-1:15 & 6:30-8 (two options; repeat of November 12) – Wednesday, November 16

November 20 – Christ the King
Forgiveness: The Bread of Life
Being Disciples – ch. 3, “Forgiveness,” p. 37-46
Scripture – Luke 23:33-43

ADVENT: Life in the Spirit

November 27
Advent I
Being Disciples – ch. 6, “Life in the Spirit,”
Intro & Self-knowledge, p. 76-80
Scripture – Matthew 24:36-44

December 4
Advent II
Being Disciples – ch. 6, Stillness, p. 80-83
Scripture – Matthew 3:1-12

December 11
Advent III
Being Disciples – ch. 6, Growth, p. 83-85
Scripture – Matthew 11:2-11

December 18
Advent IV
Being Disciples – ch. 6, Joy, p. 85-87
Scripture – Matthew 1:18-25

EPIPHANY: Light in the City
January 6  –  February 28 
Being Disciples – chapter 5, “Faith in Society,” p. 58-75